The drifters have descended upon the city. Everything is frozen in time and no one will wake up. Play as Artemis and hunt down the drifters to restore time.

Teleport to your spirit arrows and soar across the sky in fast-paced aerial combat. Slow down time and align your shots. Fight through three stages to win.


  • W & D or Arrow Keys (to move left and right)
  • Left Click to shoot an arrow (press and hold to shoot further)
  • Right Click to slow down time (makes it easier to dodge enemy abilities)
  • Press Shift to teleport to an arrow (where the cursor is closest to)

The Team

Project Lead, Art & Animation:
Jonathan Fernandez (@IntertwinedGam3)

Audio & Gameplay Programming: 
Charles Fernandez ( GitHub,, LinkedIn)

Architecture, Physics & AI Programming:
LeoTheLegion (GitHub)

Music Composition & Sound Design:
Mayra Gandra (SoundCloud,Itch.ioInstagram)

Quality & Playtesting:
Brian Ozuna


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Like your game, Hard but i enjoyed playing it . Just one comment  when you fire the bow your character faces the wrong direction, love the graphics and sound gives makes for a good atmosphere well done.  

Hi StretchMasterP, 

Thanks for playing our game! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. We will fix the character facing in the wrong direction when firing on a post game jam update. We appreciate the feedback.